Review Policy

First off, if you are someone who wants me to do a review for them, thank you! Please read over my review policy before you contact me 🙂

Review Copies I will accept:

  • ARCs
  • Finished Copies

Although I will accept digital/ebook copies if I’m interested, it is far more convenient to have a physical copy and I will probably get a review up faster with a physical copy

  • I am also happy to review anything from a company that sells bookish merchandise/monthly subscription boxes etc (I will pretty much always accept anything like this)

Please keep in mind I primarily talk about YA books, however, if I accept any Middle Grade or Adult, it will be of the fantasy genre.

Indie Authors

  • Same rules apply, as long as I’m interested in the book, I will accept 🙂


As mentioned previously, I read YA mostly, my favourite genre is fantasy but I also read a lot of contemporary and enjoy horror/paranormal, however, I don’t care about genre if the book has a synopsis that intrigues me

My Reviews 

Unless the review is a Rant Review, they will follow this format:

  • A spoiler and spoiler free section, so that everyone can read the review and those who have read it can get a more in-depth insight into my opinions
  • My reviews will always be completely, 100% honest, however I take into account the fact that certain opinions of mine are completely down to a matter of taste and some people may feel completely differently, in this case, I will say so
  • I will read and review books in order of publication date, any unsolicited reviews will not be priority, but will still get a review

Where else do my reviews go?

I also post all book reviews onto goodreads and all my blog posts are shared to Twitter, Pinterest and a group of other book bloggers (if you want to know stats, contact me)

When will I get back to you?

Please keep in mind that I am a student and can get busy, I will try to get back to you within a week at the very latest, though

Anything Else?

If you’ve found out what you need, feel free to send me an email through the Contact Me page, if you still have questions, once again, send an email or leave a comment!