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How To Start A Book Blog (Our Advice, Tips & Tricks)

Helllooo everyone, today's post is a bit different because, for the first time ever, which isn't that major considering this blog is only just a month old, but is very exciting nonetheless, WE HAVE A SPECIAL CELEBRITY GUEST!!! So, because Clo is an actual life saver, she said she'd do a collab post with me, and… Continue reading How To Start A Book Blog (Our Advice, Tips & Tricks)

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The Hamilton Book Tag

Hello lovelies! So if you didn't already know, my younger sister tied me up and forced me to listen to got me into Hamilton and we went to see it in July, she loves all things musical theatre, and I was supposed to do a post like this on her birthday, but I forgot... better late than never,… Continue reading The Hamilton Book Tag