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All the books I want to read on vacation this year…

Hello everyone! In today’s post I thought I would take you through all of the books that I am hoping to read throughout my two week vacay to end off the summer. I wanted to go for a mix of books that are both summery but also that get me ready to be in the early Autumn mood too. Enjoy!

It comes as no surprise that the first book on my list is the new Taylor Jenkins-Reid book. I literally devour this woman’s books like I have been possessed and I ADORE them. I also think the vibe is just so so perfect for summer and I am so glad that I have this to read as I enjoy the last bit of summer before heading back to university.

This book follows a retired tennis player who is about to see her record broken, and decides to make a comeback. Let me tell you, I am OBSESSED with tennis and the idea of a TAYLOR JENKINS REID book which is about the industry is possibly the most exciting thing I could hear about.

Look forward to me not shutting up about this book until after I have read this!

It feels so strange to be at an age where the people that I watched on TV are bringing out memoirs, but I am very much excited by it. Now, I am not going to lie, besides from iCarly, Victorious, and Sam and Cat for a little while, I was a Disney Channel kid through and through, HOWEVER, I have also been one of the biggest Ariana Grande stans from the very start of her career, and so when there was the iconic feud between Jennette and Ariana, I blindly took Ariana’s side. As the years have gone on and I have heard a lot about how sketchy Dan Schneider is, I have been so interested in finding out more about the behind the scenes, and so I am really looking forward to this one. Also, the COVER IS SO STUNNING!

This is a little bit of a wild card that I have thrown in because I heard it spoken about on a podcast and I am not going to lie to you I don’t know much at all about it. From my understanding, it kind of just ~explores themes~, but I guess we will see!

Next up, I am continuing my obsession reading about privileged people doing privileged things. The Herd follows a woman only cowering space where a woman goes missing, the police suspect foul play and everyone in the workplace is a suspect. I know for a fact I will be eating this shit up and I can’t wait to #girlboss #gaslight and #gatekeep my way through it.

So apparently this is a comedic thriller, which I have never read before, but it is about WEDDINGS and I love reading about and looking at weddings, as the romantic prospects in my life are best represented by this image:

in this image, I am the tumbleweed

ANYHOO, I get to read about all the weddingy things without the need for men! A win win!

This book follows the lead up to a wedding, where things keep on going wrong and it literally just sounds like so much fun!

I spoke about this book in my Book Girl Summer post, and I thought now would be the perfect time to squeeze in one last romance over summer, but in a way that I don’t absolutely HATE.

I am not a big fan of books where romance is the main element, except for in a classic or when the classic is turned into a murder mystery! This whole concept sounds so fun and like such a perfect way to transition from summery Jane Austen vibes to the cozy mysteries of Autumn!

Et Voila! There we had all of the books I am hoping to read on my vacay, and I cannot wait to get into them and share with you my opinions! If anyone else has been lucky enough to have already been on/to be going on holiday soon, let me know what you have been reading! Talk next week!


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