I may have been gone for a million years but I still hate popular books- what I’ve been reading

Oh look who re-appeared (again) after disappearing with no explanation (again). Am I the worst? Yes. But am I coming back potentially the best version of myself? Yes. So first of all, I hope you are all doing well, I’ve so missed doing my blog and I’m beyond happy to be back, i know a lot of people are struggling right now, i hope reading my rambling can ease your anxiety or make you so mad that I hate your fav book that you become distracted for at least some time. Obviously I can’t take you through every single think I’ve read since I’ve been gone, but i thought I could do some rapid reviews of the things that i have been reading over my hibernation, enjoy!

The Shatter Me Series

I guess I’ll somewhat uncharacteristically start on a positive note. About a year(ish) ago I did a 24 hour readathon where I read the first Shatter Me book, and I hated it, but I had all 6 books so I wasn’t going to just leave them and so I picked them up again recently and seriously? Best series I’ve read in a while. I feel like I rushed through the first book due to the readathon and so I didn’t get a chance to appreciate it properly, but upon reading the series like a normal human being I think it was so good, I literally love every character (except ADAM gross) and Warner is literally the love of my life i would die for him no joke.

A Court of Blah and Blah Series

Anyone who has read previous posts will be shocked by this, as I am literally the no 1 SJM hater, but again, I had the books and I wasn’t going to waste them when I could milk the fact that I hated them and get the attention that I so desperately crave. I hate to say it, but despite the facts that the books were rubbish, I still had fun reading them and they weren’t as horrific as ToG which was something. I still don’t think SJM is a good writer, I still think her characters are annoying and I still think her faeries are annoying as hell but this was a decent trashy series to read during the long lockdown days.

From Blood and Ash

I’m going to need to stop listening to people on TikTok. This was so long and so awful. Like yikes fr. Enemies to lovers is a completely different thing to a genuinely very confusing ‘wait I thought he was trying actively to murder her and she just stabbed him in the chest why are they still doing it?’. This was really really long for a book with no plot. I’m serious, like zero plot, nothing happened except moping and sinning.

The Deal

I hate to say it but i enjoyed reading this even though it read like every single wattpad story I was reading when I was like a literal child (yikes). It was classic, the I’m-not-like-other-girls main character, the arrogant asshole love interest, the sharing a bed trope, the fake dating trope, the growing through trauma while all of this is happening trope. It was all there, and though messy, it was good.

We Were Liars

This became available at my library and it had been hyped for so so long and I’d never tried it so I thought ‘why not’. I wish I had not thought ‘why not’ because this book was literally pointless, there was no point in writing it. Also the mc was supposed to be so #againstcapitalism and would make everyone else feel bad for their money and then whinges for the whole first section of this book because her dad took her all across Europe in 5* hotels instead of letting her go to her private island and be #rebels (who didn’t actually do anything) with her rich bitch friends.

The Inheritance Games

Now this I liked, this book was so fun and exciting and so NOT BORING and ugh it was just so good I would absolutely a million percent recommend and I don’t even like mysteries. My only complaint is I prefer stand alones for mysteries as I feel like that just makes the whole thing more satisfying rather than feeling like you read a whole book and all you got was another clue

Love and Gelato and Love and Luck

I read Love and Gelato and absolutely loved it, one of my favourite contemporary romances ever honestly, but then I read Love and Luck and realised that my love of Italy and Italian boys and Italian food was perhaps the reasoning for my love of the first book being so strong. I do also think that being from the UK I may just not care much about Ireland, I will still be reading Love and Olives though because I absolutely do love Greece and maybe it’ll take me back to my holiday when all I did was eat banana ice cream.

Bone Criers Moon

Yikes ❤️ I didn’t like this, the main characters were so so irritating and the romance made zero sense to me because they both genuinely hate each other on a moral level because one person literally justified the murder of the other one’s father which their ancestor committed and then the boy just kept on saying ‘but she has pretty hair’ and then they were in love even though he had better chemistry with a different character but okay.

Okay so I believe that is what I will leave it at in regards to very notable things I have read in the last few months, I didn’t include anything that was average and not noteworthy or anything i read too long ago to remember. If you’d like to keep up with everything I read make sure you add me on Goodreads to see all my very witty updates on what I am reading. I hope you enjoyed this post and I have so many ideas for new stuff but if you also have recommendations be sure to let me know in the comments! Till next time xoxo

4 thoughts on “I may have been gone for a million years but I still hate popular books- what I’ve been reading

  1. Aah I relate so much to you I haven’t posted since June 2020 and I really hate myself for letting life get in the way when I love my blog so much! I’m planning loads so I can get back and stick to it this time hopefully!
    Loved reading this post too:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks so much! honestly don’t let it get to you at all, you don’t want to start hating something that you used to find fun by pushing yourself too much if you don’t have time ❤

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  2. Omg I love your rants! No joke! Thank you for keeping it real ❤️ although it probably means I don’t want you to talk about my book here haha so I’m not sharing the name of it 😉
    I’m trying to follow you, but what the heck? It keeps kicking me around.
    I snapshotted the important stuff so I won’t forget where to find you.
    Anyway, keep us informed!!


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