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Sleeping Beauty Book Tag

Another Disney inspired tag, are we really surprised?


A main character who is overshadowed by others

For this question I’m going for the obvious: Clary from The Mortal Instruments; her character is entirely dull as it is, put her next to Magnus and Valentine… why does she exist? Honestly for the majority of this series I wanted to skip everything about Clary and read about all the others



A character you would slay a dragon for

HARRY FREAKING POTTER, honestly coming from me, who has read Harry Potter over 25 times and would save all my merchandise in a fire and has over seven complete editions… is this a surprise? But honestly Harry is so precious and I adore him and I just want him to be happy and fulfilled with his life.


Your favourite dysfunctional family

Jude Duarte’s family from The Cruel Prince… actually, all the families in the Cruel Prince, they are brilliantly entertaining in their dysfunctional-ality


A villain you relate to

The villains in Throne of Glass because I, too would like to kill Aelin and Rowan


A book that gave you deja vu

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, nice job on the rip off Harry Potter that you then tried to publish; speaking of plagiarising Harry Potter and making a crap version, I haven’t forgotten good old Cassie Clare, actually, she just plagiarises her own books: The Mortal Instruments over and over and turns them into ‘new’ books…


A character that can’t make up his or her mind

Okay bonus answer: an author that can’t make up her mind: Sarah J Maas

But in regards to character, Maxon from The Selection series


A book that turned out exactly as you thought it would

Sadie, it seemed very ‘go nowhere’ from the very start, and it was, so I guessed right


So that’s all for this tag, as always, if you’d like to do this tag, then go ahead, I officially tag you, or you could answer some of the questions in the comments if ya fancy, thanks for reading ❤


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