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Playlist book tag- K-pop edition

Yes I’m a kpop fan but please dont run away, I’m not crazy and I’ve never commented ‘Any ARMY here?’ on anything ever.

When I did this for the first time I intentionally left out all kpop because thers a bit of an image that comes along with being a kpop fan and I didn’t want to be associated with it, but, I do really love it and it’s all I really listen to so I thought this would be fun, so I’m going to shuffle my music (playlist of 2019 releases) and find a book that reminds me of that song.

So without further ado, lets get a move on!


This song is so legendary, so it has to go to something good and it needs to remind me of very badass character, so I’ve decided to go for Harper from A Curse So Dark and Lonely because a) she very literately gotta go from the palace and b) she is the definition of badass


For this I’m going for Throne of Glass, because Aelin loves herself (a bit too much), for itzy, they warrant loving themselves for giving me such a good song, Aelin? Yeah not so much


Harry Potter- not because of the plot but because of the characters, I can so imagine the lads from the common room (never let me say lads again ew) writing something like this, or maybe the marauders writing something like this to Snape, it would be amazing


Eleanor and Park- now, unlike this book, I do love this song; but this song just has the vibe of the type of romance Eleanor and Park is, so we’ll go for it


This song makes me so happy I swear to God I don’t deserve it, and I think the book that most makes me feel the same way this song does is The Selection, like imagine a montage of all the cute moments of America and Maxon, my heart would explode


Six of Crows, I can just imagine Kaz and co. getting ready to bust some ass with this in the background and it would be absolutely brilliant.


Okay I’m saying ToG again because I wanted to KILL THE LOVE IN THAT BOOK… get it?


I automatically thought of Percy Jackson and like being an absolute legend but being really fun and amazing at the same time, much like this song.


I had to think of a book with bloody brilliant battles for this one, where you can see the hero rising from like flames or something with blood all over their face and torn clothes and a giant sword in their hands, so, I went for The Hunger Games… no swords, but a bow and arrow will do


I thought I’d add this bit so that if you know the songs (or fancy giving them a listen) you can see if you can find a book they remind you of, and maybe jog my memory too ❤

  • Bon Bon Chocolat- Everglow
  • Crown- TxT
  • Gogobebe- mamamoo
  • Vibe- 1team


I think I got a tad carried away but that’s okay, I got an advert on spotify (ya girl doesn’t have premium) and that kind of snapped me into reality and told me to stop, I hope you enjoyed this and it maybe convinced you to check out some of the songs or books, let me know if you did and if you agree or disagree with my opinions, thanks so much for reading ❤


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