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My Autumn Reading Essentials…

Howdy partners (wut), as you may know by now THIS LAST PART OF THE YEAR IS MY FAVOURITE ITS AUTUMN I’M GETTING ALL MY JUMPERS OUT. And it is also my favourite time of the year for reading, I thought this would be a cute lil post to show you all my Autumn-y reading essentials, whether you are just looking for ideas or you want to get in the mood to do some very Autumn-aesthetic reading, I hope you’ll find this useful/fun to read, lets get into it ❤


Woah, cliche much? If you are anything like me, the second you aren’t in a tropical climate, your hands and feel turn into little blocks of ice, they’ve been known to go a bit blue during the colder months. So fluffy socks are a must for me when I want to be in a comfy reading mood.


Hot drinks are essential all year round in Autumn, but especially in Autumn, the drinks are pretty obvious: tea, hot chocolate, and this chocolate latte thingy that I make when I’m feeling really extra, all in a pretty mug to achieve the best quality artsy photos…


My bed is perfect for reading, I put my hundred million squillion pillows all in the corner and bury myself under about eighty five blankets, realise I forgot my drink and book, get back out again, grab them, and then re-cocoon myself. It’s great, especially for cosy reading sessions because my bed is by the window and I can see the beautiful rainy weather


Uhm, this is random, but very necessary, I MUST BE WARM and I love sitting right up against my radiator until my back is physically burning, it’s always a good time; if you don’t have a radiator near your reading spot, just buy like 18 hot water bottles and shove them in your clothing, it also has a nice effect


Is this post reading essentials or things for when you have the flu? Who knows? But sweaters are vvv important when reading because they are nice and squishy and feel like a big hug


Okay, this might be good for if you get a tad emosh while your reading, for me, it’s because after September I ALWAYS HAVE A RUNNY NOSE, but I have sensitive skin and to rub my skin off as little as possible, I need good quality, soft tissues that have been woven from clouds


I usually go for high fantasy or horror during Autumn, the fit the mood of the season and also are really good books to read massive chinks at a time


And that is all for my Autumn reading essentials, I hope you enjoyed this post and it got you in the mood for a good old reading session! What are your essentials and favourite books for Autumn? Let me know in the comments! Thanks again for reading and I’ll talk to you in my next post!

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