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Monthly Wrap Up- September 2018

Woah hi, it’s been so long since I actually sat down to write a post, but I can explain:

  • I’m back at school
  • I am in a pretty big year with pretty big exams coming up
  • I cannot be distracted
  • I love this blog, but it is my hobby and so school comes first, this blog is my fun thing for when I’m free
  • I’m trying to post 2 times a week but it’s gonna be hard once the scheduled posts are all up
  • I’m now not on Twitter any more, so if you want to add me on anything but this blog, I’m only on Goodreads (and Pinterest, but that doesn’t count) so you can go ahead and add me as a friend, I’m currently open to do buddy reads with anyone ❤

But anyways, onwards with what I’ve been up to this month


Considering how stupidly busy I’ve been, I got through a decent number of books:

  • The first book I read was All These Beautiful Strangers and sweet baby Jesus it was brilliant, I need more books like this and I’ve heard barely anyone hyping it up, so I might do a review just to MAKE EVERYONE (or at least the four people who care about my opinions) TO READ IT
  • The next book I read was Jack Jack Attack , (this counts fite me) I found it in the supermarket and then I read it, which means it can be on my wrap up
  • And then i read City of Ghosts, which was pretty meh, but I liked it and all the cute Harry Potter references, I don’t know if the review will be up when this is, but if not, it’ll pop up soon
  • The only ARC I read this month was Perfect Harmony, which I actually quite liked, you can look at my (bloody brilliant, imo) review for it here
  • So, do you remember in last month’s wrap up where I said I read books 1-5 of Harry Potter again, well, I’m a right old lying sod, I read 1-4, and I read 5 this month
  • And, after only ever DNFing one book ever, it happened again this month because Vassa in the Night took a great plot and made it so boring that I started doing physiscs exam questions for fun
  • Then I read PS I Still Love You and my hatred for book Peter grew even more
  • Next up was The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, which was more or less with all the hype, review will hopefully be soon


  • Music-wise, there isn’t much new, still listening to Lauv like my life depends on it, I’m Fine by BTS is my fav from the ‘new’ album and I don’t thing I’ve stopped listening to TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME by The 1975, other than that, it’s pretty much always my studying playlist.
  • MOVIES, THOUGH. So I have wanted to watch this for ages, but i forgot the name and then I forgot that I wanted to watch it once I finally got Netflix, BUT I finally watched To The Bone and I l o v e d it, Lily Collins, as always, was uh-mazing and that British guy was funny as hell and I thought I was stupid for thinking the main doctor guy was played by Keanu Reeves, but it turns out he actually is
  • I’m still struggling through season 6 of Gilmore Girls, I kind of got bored for a bit because Lorelai (is that how you spell it?) and Rory were both being dumb
  • Also, you may have noticed a few new graphics popping up on my blog, most noticeably the header/logo thing, whilst I’d love to say i have the talent of making something like that, I do not, but one of my favourite bloggers, Aimee does! So, if you are like me, and want gorgeous graphics your blog but don’t have the time/software/talent etc, you can head over to her design shop and get in touch, I 100% recommend ❤


Reading, studying, studying, reading, maybe organising my bookshelves, maybe not,


You can also bet on me spending significant amount of time picking a Halloween costume (and watching all the Tim Burton movies)

Also, yes I’m counting down for Christmas, I’ve been doing it since last Christmas


Okay, so there we have it! I can’t believe September is over (she says, typing this up before September is in fact over) hows your month been? Do you have any new faves? Let me know in the comments!

Also hi, last minute me, this was my first full month of blogging, so yeah, that’s something ❤

11 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap Up- September 2018

  1. How did you manage to read all of those books 😱. Oh, and don’t worry for not posting that much now, school comes first! As for me I am currently reading The Bane Chronicles and rereading The Mortal Instruments (yeah, I’m addicted to this series). Anyway, I hope everything’s fine for you 🙂

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    1. to be fair, one was a 18-page book and I didn’t finish another lol, ooh I remember how obsessed I was with tmi last year, I still haven’t got around to reading the Bane chronicles yet, though

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats on such lovely reads in September! And best of luck with October 🙂 Don’t force yourself to go through a series just because you’ve watched so many seasons already… I did that with Supernatural and finally gave up because I got bored and feel forced whenever I’m watching it.

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