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Theatre Shows: Mini Reviews

Hellooo everyone, my younger sister has been pestering me to do a theatre-themed post for her for a whiiillee now, because she’s a theatre weirdo and I’ve seen a few pretty decent shows, so I thought it’d be fun to share my experiences and do mini-reviews for them, so without further ado, lets get started!


This was the first ever show I ever saw that wasn’t a panto at my primary school, as we probably all know by now, I adore Harry Potter, and although I really didn’t enjoy any of the original trio in this play, I did love their kids (except Rose). Jack Thorne did an amazing job of making the sets and production probably one of the most beautiful things ever ever ever. I saw both parts 1 and 2, for part one I was a few rows from the front in the stalls, and for part 2 I was in one of the first rows of the dress circle, I think this worked out really well because you want to be able to have a wider view for part 2 because it’s where the majority of the action takes place and from the dress circle, you get a much better view of this.

I don’t think this is everything I purchased, but it’s a decent chunk of it


I’ve always heard a lot about Hamilton, but my younger sister really made me love it when she made me listen to Non-Stop, and we got incredibly lucky and managed to score some tickets, for this show, we were in the grand circle and I convinced myself we was bound to have the most awful view in the world, but it was actually amazing, I could see everything that was going on through the entire show. The show itself was brilliant (and also, surprisingly, hilarious) the king was my absolute favourite part of the whole show and it was just brilliant. Also, when they got to the sad songs in act 2 you could literally hear the entire audience sobbing and once the show was over, people were going around and comforting each other. We also got to meet the cast after the show, they were all lovely, they took photos and signed programmes even though they were probably exhausted.



At the time I’m writing this, I only saw this show like three days ago, and let me tell you I loved it, my sister is the one that’s into theatre but I’ve always been the crazy Disney girl so I was still really excited to see this. The sets used in this show are the best I have ever seen , they were all done so beautifully and it was amazing. This was the funniest of the shows listed and I’m 95% sure the genie is actually my sister in the body of a big bald man. We met the cast after the show and they were noticeably tired and just wanted to leave, so I didn’t ask for any photos. But this show was brilliant and I loved it. I’ve already said that, but still.

You can’t see it in this photo, but Jasmine’s hair is so long and pretty, I was playing with it for the whole show.


So, that is all for my mini review type thingies for the very small amount of shows I’ve seen, I hope you enjoyed this and I thought it’d be nice to throw in a non-bookish post every once in a while instead of doing random tags that I’m not even entirely happy with 🙂 Have you seen any of these shows, if you have, let me know what you thought in the comments and, if not, what is your favourite theatre show/musical? Thank’s again for reading and I’ll talk to you in my next post!<3

3 thoughts on “Theatre Shows: Mini Reviews

  1. I am a musical theatre fanatic, who started seeing musicals in elementary school.

    Love for musicals was sparked in middle school by Wicked

    Turned into a passion by Les Mis in my first year of college


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