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How To Start A Book Blog (Our Advice, Tips & Tricks)

Helllooo everyone, today’s post is a bit different because, for the first time ever, which isn’t that major considering this blog is only just a month old, but is very exciting nonetheless, WE HAVE A SPECIAL CELEBRITY GUEST!!! So, because Clo is an actual life saver, she said she’d do a collab post with me, and we decided we’d do it on starting a blog! This is already the longest post that’s ever been on this blog, so let’s get into it ❤



I actually tried blogging years back on Blogger, it was short lived not a bookblog but a writing one for my wattpad account. We don’t speak of 13yr old me, being confused about blogging. Last year I was going through a lot of changes, I’d just finished Yr 11 and was going to start college. I’ve been a reader since I could read, click here to read how I got into reading but I didn’t really have anyone to talk to about books. I’m lucky enough to have a best friend who’s a reader and booklover like myself but we don’t see each other that much cause school happens. I needed a place to talk, even if no one read it, writing has always been my way of expressing myself. A blog seemed a natural thing for me to do, combine my love of books with discussions? I was down for that.

If you want to talk about books, reading and other things (primarily books/writing) then bookblogging is for you! Unless of course, you feel comfortable talking to a camera, maybe BookTube is your thing? But your blog is your little space, where it’s just you, your thoughts and opinions; it’s important to not get bogged down with all the advice that will get thrown your way. Listen to it, embrace it, just remember you’ll learn as you go.


I started my blog completely randomly, I’d been reading my two faves and I saw one of their posts about starting a blog, and I really wanted to do it, and here we are, I’d never had a blog before, unless my Emma Watson fanpage from when i was like 7 counts.

A book blog was the definite route for me, I’ve always adored reading, my mum believes this is because of her forcing books under my nose the second I popped out (By the time my mum bought me home from hospital, I’d actually read all of Charles Dickens’ books (I’m kidding)) but anyways, I have really bad anxiety, particularly social, so creating a youTube channel was never ever ever ever ever an option, but I love talking about books, or anything else I’m passionate about and I needed a hobby, too, it’s scary how little I actually ~get out there~

Blogging really is pretty damn brilliant, it’s so nice for me to sit after studying for hours and hours to just talk about something I love, none of my friends are really as into books as I am, so I just really love having somewhere to talk. The majority of the people in the book blogging community are absolutely lovely, and there are so many ways for you to establish yourself and meet new people, I talk about it a little bit in this post, but I’ll go further into it later in this post.

But I’ve gone off on a bit of a tangent, if you love books, if you want to talk about them, share your opinions and discuss them with other amazing people, bookblogging is for you.



Your URL and blog name should, where possible be as similar to one another as can be. Mainly because this can cause confusion for other bloggers and readers trying to find you, tag your and share your content. When tagging and sharing other bookbloggers posts, I tend to lay it out like this name @ blogs name. It’s why it’s important to make sure you have your blog name displayed somewhere on your blog, as well as your name…your real one or pen name.

The story behind my blog name came from reading one of Cait’s posts (Paper Fury) where she mentioned bookdragons and I was just like, well I can make graphics for that. Aha but when it came to my URL bookdragons.wordpress.com was already taken (I snooped a few weeks ago, the person hasn’t posted on that blog with that domain in over 6yrs *sobs*) So I came up with bookdragons247.wordpress.com the 247 actually equals 24/7 cause I’m a bookdragon all the time haha. But it’s not part of my blog name, which is why it’s not displayed in the blog banner.


When I started up my blog, I had no clue what I was doing, all I knew was that I wanted to blog, so coming up with a name was pretty necessary, Between The Pages actually has meaning, to an extent, I have always been a pretty sad kid, I love analysing classic books and ‘reading between the lines’, because my blog is primarily a bookish one, I had to add that to my name, too (also, that is very important, if your blog has a bit of a theme going on, make sure that theme is a part of your blogs name) Other than that, just go with it, what do you think works? It’s kind of like naming a baby, you’ll just know when you have the right name (well, I’ve never had or named a baby unless toys count, but that’s what happened in Friends)


Just a note that Sari mentioned to make sure that the theme is part of your blogs name, yes make sure it’s there somehow, BUT also make sure within your URL it’s simple or as simple as can be. Don’t have a ton of numbers, letters because people won’t remember it. ALSO research first to make sure your blog name isn’t already in use or there’s not another one really similar to it, cause that’ll be confusing for some people.


But as Clo said, make sure the name isn’t taken and that it doesn’t have too many numbers and symbols, because we are not on Moshi Monsters (I think my name was PinkPoppet11896, and nobody remembers stuff like that)



It’s probably better to take Clo’s advice on this one because, like the smart girl I am, I didn’t look into where I could blog, I just found wordpress and got started, but I don’t regret this, I love using wordpress, it’s incredibly simple and easy and nice to use in general, a lot of bloggers use wordpress, you can go for a free plan or a paid one (which I maaaay be switching to, but I don’t know because I’m a cheap gal. I’ve also heard people talk about how much easier it is to get a following when you are on wordpress, just because of how simple it is.


I mean, I didn’t research it extensively but I did already know about Blogger and WordPress which are your two main platforms. There’s also Wix (I don’t recommend Wix, they take forever to load and a lot of us find it painful to blog hop to Wix sites) There is of course Tumblr but for the most part you have WordPress or Blogger, both are fine and both have pros and cons. Like Blogger hasn’t been updated at all, still looks the same when I used it back in 2014. WordPress does get updated I believe, it’s smoother and easier to comment on other blogs as a lot of us use the WordPress platform. BUT it’s your choice, whilst Sari and I are both on WordPress that doesn’t mean you have to be.



When I first started, it was scary to see that you needed policies and disclaimers mainly because I didn’t, at the time, know why we have them. In short you’ll need at least a Privacy Policy and Review Policy for accepting review requests. I also have a disclaimers page (which needs updating *smiles sheepishly*) which I created for when I share pieces of my writing in one of my blog post series, and for my graphics.

Simant @ Flipping Through Pages has these great posts, which really help to explain what is needed for these policies, her posts were what I used to create mine. So definitely check them out!

Staying Legal Part 1 | Creating Your Blog’s Privacy Policy – Why, What and How?

Staying Legal Part 2 | Why and How of Writing a Blog’s Disclaimer


Hi, I’m awful at this stuff, so, so awful, I have a Review Policy, but I literally just looked at the type of stuff other people put on theirs and kind of mushed it all up in my own way, so yeah, pro blogger over here.



I’d like to think content is one of the places I thrive, the most important things when starting a blog are that you need to genuinely love your content and you need to be yourself, okay? Okay, my blog has done far far better than I ever expected, and I’ve found that people have told me they enjoy my writing style and my honesty, both of which are parts of my character, you have to be yourself, people can see if you aren’t, so post the content you love, filled with your honest opinions and if you are proud of it, that is what is important, if you are happy with your content and have put effort into it, views and likes and comments and maybe someone riding a unicorn will come your way.


(we don’t actually guarantee a unicorn or a person riding one will come your way, we can guarantee a dragon or two 😉 )

Sari again, I really should’ve thought of a better system…

Also, it can get tough when you run out of ideas, there are posts to help you with that such as this one by Jenny and there are many more, a quick google search can help you out, if you are still stuck for ideas, ask someone! This post stemmed from me saying I had zero ideas, maybe you can find yourself a magical blogging friend like Clo to help you out


Oooo also a lot of people will talk about your writers voice – don’t worry bout that. Just chill, and write the posts. I sorta cheated that process of panicking about not having a voice, as I’ve been writing for 7years so erm…already developed a voice *shrugs* Your voice will come with practice, and like Sari said, be yourself. Below I’ve linked to some helpful posts when creating blog content, if you’re struggling check them out!

Cait @ Paper Fury has this awesome post, very useful 🙂 How Do You Know If Your Blog Post Is “INSPIRED” Or “COPYING”?

I created this post all about Creating Unique Content where I offer my tips and advice on creating content for your book blog, other than reviews and tags.



AHAAHAHAHA, graphics, good ol’ graphics, Clo and I have both gone about making our graphics in very different ways, mine are made through my laptop and I use various websites this post by Aimee is amazing for giving you (free!) websites you can use to make graphics for your blog. So, although I have zero artistic talent whatsoever, I do have an aesthetic, I’ve always been pretty girly with my aesthetics I love pink and pastels and flowers, and I wanted that to be reflected in my blog, so I worked hard to make sure it was reflected through my graphics, my blog header and a few other bits that aren’t all up yet were made by Aimee, so if you’re not one for making your own stuff, I’d definitely shoot her an email, her prices are suuuper affordable compared to others as well, you can find her design shop here and look out for my wrap-up, I’ll talk more about my pretty new graphics there 😉 Other than that, you’ll want to ask Clo when it comes to graphics.


Aha Sari’s right, we went about making them totally differently. Firstly, I am a Graphic and Digital Design student at college. Secondly, I have access to full licensed software at home and at college to create my graphics. I will eventually write a post about my graphic design process but for now, here’s my advice on creating your own graphics.

Don’t use a different font for each different graphic, that’s a huge NO-NO. We want to stick to 3-5 fonts in total throughout your blog. Mix a serif font with a sans serif which will help create relief. (serif fonts are the slightly fancier fonts like Courier New and san serif are the simple fonts like Arial ahem that’s normal Arial. This discounts script fonts, don’t use script fonts, they can be hard to read.)

Colours, don’t use bright colours it’s blinding. Make sure you have a colour palette, or stick to under 10 colours. This is a rough guide, as I use a lot of colours in total for all my graphics but there is repetition and also, they’re pastels and duller colours.

Ideally you want your graphics in the PNG format, not a JPEG format. Both work, but PNG means you have a transparent background all my graphics are exported in the PNG format.

I’m still learning myself about graphics, but I’ll be sure to update you all on my blog about my progress and you’ll see my graphics change, upgrade etc. Though my theme will remain pastel haha.


I told you Clo is smarter at graphics.



Until my blog, I’d never ever been on social media; I’m not on snapchat, I’ve never had Instagram, not even a Whatsapp, the only ‘social media’ I’d ever had was pinterest, but I knew that when it came to my blog, I’d need to promote it, this post by Jenny is amazing if you are looking for all the ways to promote your blog. You should always remember that there is nothing wrong with promoting your blog or blog posts, you made an effort in making a great post, so share it! Show everyone, but do it in the right way: ‘Hey look at my blog post’ probably isn’t the best way to get people to come and visit your blog, be more personal, be friendly, get people into the way you write before they’ve even seen your blog, for example, if I was doing a discussion talking what I don’t like a particular character (Snape, I’m talking about Snape. You can read the post if you wanna, I quite like it 😉 ) instead of the above example, say something more like ‘we all know I don’t tend to agree with a lot of popular opinions, and this is probably the biggest of all of those things, you can read more about it in this post…’ see? Much better, less robotic, more personal and friendly Also, you see what I did with the Snape thing up there, do that! It’s not exactly social media, but if you can, link older blog posts in your new ones if they’re relevant


Twitter. Will be your best friend and enemy all wrapped up in a cute little blue bird…awww. Don’t be fooled haha. 95% of book bloggers have twitter OR instagram, a lot of us have both. If you can’t juggle both, I’d suggest twitter. It’s easier to promote your posts on, connecting with the community on there too and finding others with similar interests to yours. If you’re struggling on whether to separate your social media accounts, into a personal and blog one, read my post on Why I don’t Separate My Blog Life from My Personal Life I also discuss why some of us choose to separate them.

Seriously though, it’s ok to not have all the social media’s at once. Take it at your own pace, I’d suggest get Twitter and Bloglovin’ though, as Bloglovin’ acts as another way for people to follow your blog.



I credit blog hopping for a lot of the ‘success’ I’ve had on this blog, if you go on any social media, but ‘blogger’ or ‘book blogger’ or whatever type of blogger you are in your bio and start following people with it in their bio, you will have a whole ton of bloggers who are doing the same thing as you, then the fun stuff stars, simply tweet/post/whatever you cool kids do that you are doing bloghopping, tell people to leave their links and check out your posts too, this can be really helpful when you’re just getting started. Now, you can’t only show love on people’s blogs if they visit yours first, because they could be thinking the same, and then it would just be a vicious cycle, so comment, like and show love on blogs and nine times out of ten, they will notice and do the same for you! Simples


Simples unless your name is Clo and you’re blog is called Book Dragons. I’ll readily admit I suck at blog hopping, I have a post coming up at some point about it and my reasons why I suck. But I do my best to blog hop, I reply to comments and I blog hop. I do tweet asking for links too cause I’m all about spreading the love, even if I procrastinate heavily on doing things hehe. I have a section on my Weekly Wrap Ups where I share a variety of blog posts I’ve read that week, it’s a way of my helping out you guys, cause sometimes blog hopping is hard ok; I try and make it easier for you on my wrap ups.


Wow that was long, I hope that you enjoyed this post and maybe found it helpful for if you’re starting a blog, this post is in no ways just for book bloggers, you can apply all of this to pretty much any type of blog. Thank you so much to Clo for helping me do this post, and make sure you look out on her blog for a post ft yours truly ❤


If you found this post helpful, add it to your Pinterest so other new bloggers can see ❤

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15 thoughts on “How To Start A Book Blog (Our Advice, Tips & Tricks)

  1. I can also never imagine having a Youtube. First of all, I kind of hate watching videos xD and I also wouldn’t like being on camera either. I don’t like how I look 😀

    It’s kind of hard to come up with a good blog name anymore, actually. There are just so many people! I actually sometimes feel bad for girls named Paige because it’s too tempting to use that in your blog name with a twist, and I’ve seen SO MANY blog names with a twist on Paige that they’re all the same to me now xD I don’t think I came up with a good blog name myself, but it’s kind of hard to do that before you are in the blog scene. And you need to have a name before you get to know the blog scene xD so it’s a vicious cycle lol.

    I also suck at blog hopping, mostly because I’m too busy. But yes, it’s incredibly important.


  2. This is a very in-depth sort of 101 post, and I love it! I agree with everything you said, and in the end it’s important to just enjoy what you’re doing when you’re blogging. Lovely post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is an absolutely fantastic post!
    So many very helpful tips, and it’s reminded me that I should probably update my own privacy policy again.
    I wish I’d started on WordPress as it seems so much easier to get a following, and I’ve even been considering migrating, but I just cannot get my head around the interface! It’s just too complicated for me after the simplicity and ease of using blogger for over 10 years.
    Cora | http://teapartyprincess.co.uk/


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