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Perfect Harmony by Emily Albright: ARC Review

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This ARC was kindly provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

My Rating:★★★☆☆

Release Date: 18 September 2018

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary Romance



Pippa Wyndham is a top cellist―she’d never settle for anything less. Determined to get into the nation’s most prestigious music college, nothing’s going to stand in her way . . . Until her senior year of high school when a new guy from a fancy New York conservatory transfers to her school.

Declan Brogan’s cocky, and he knows how amazing he is at the cello. He has every intention of knocking Pippa out of first chair and showing her who really belongs on top. Forced together when assigned a duet, their personal competition and mutual dislike transform into a teasing friendship.

Torn between her childhood crush and the boy who threatens her dreams, Pippa finds herself at risk of losing her best friend, her future, and the boy who makes her heart melt. Struggling to make things right, Pippa discovers that sometimes the thing you want the most doesn’t always end up being the thing you need.


This book was a pretty massive cheese-fest. But that’s not exactly a bad thing, I’m not going to lie, when i read any contemporary or romance, it’s not because I’m looking for a new favourite, it’s because they’re fun to read, I read them quickly and I WILL NEVER REACH MY GOODREADS GOAL IF I ONLY READ HIGH-FANTASY.

I actually really enjoyed this, it was full of insta-love and very cliche love triangles, but I’m okay with a good ol’ trope every now and again. This book doesn’t come with any surprises, from the second Declan walks in, you will more-or-less know exactly what is going to happen in the book, but it was still enjoyable to read.

Writing wise, I thought it was decent, the word ‘bestie’ was definitely overused, certain parts definitely read like a mum writing about a teenagers life solely based on the stuff you see and hear on Disney Channel and descriptive elements could be done better, but there was nothing I was overly bothered by to be honest

I loved the bits where Pippa was talking about and playing music, I think a lot of authors give their characters little quirks to make them special and then they never bring it up again, so I’m glad that didn’t happen in this book.

I will say one thing, I hated Noah and I hated Quinn. Noah a bit less and I kind of felt bad for him because of the way he was treated, but Quinn, what a bitch I want to rant so I’m going to take us over to the spoiler section, it isn’t anything major, it’s just about a conflict, but if you’re really sensitive to spoilers, stop reading, but me ranting is always a good time, so please do join us.


You know earlier, when I said this book has a love triangle, I lied. This book has a love   pentagonal dodecahedron, I have made a diagram so you don’t get too confuzzled:

pentagonal dodecahedron of luuurve
this took so long pls appreciate

Okay, so now onto why I don’t like Quinnie…

  • Quinn went to homecoming with Declan because she couldn’t find a date, Declan went with Quinn as a friend and because he didn’t ask Pippa on time
  • Pippa went with Noah, her crush
  • Pippa has decided she doesn’t really like Noah
  • Quinn knows Pippa probably has a crush on Declan
  • Declan likes Pippa
  • Quinn likes Pippa’s twin, Philip
  • Quinn finds out Declan and Pippa are together and gets upset even though she literally danced with him for a couple of hours and that’s it, she is convinced they are in love, lol ok
  • Quinn ditches Pippa, ignores that she is in tears on an occasion and refuses to talk to her
  • what an ass


Okay, so that is it for this review, I hope you enjoyed it. Have you read this book? Do you plan on it? Let me know in the comments! Thanks again for reading and I’ll talk to you all in my next post ❤


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17 thoughts on “Perfect Harmony by Emily Albright: ARC Review

  1. Whoa, those are some complicated dynamics!! Sounds like it was a good fluff read though. I totally agree; can’t always stick to the ambitious reads, sometimes you need a little downtime! I would never meet my yearly goal without fluffy books to pad it. =)


  2. Hahaha I absolutely love your rants, they are the best. I also really appreciate the time that must have gone into making that diagram haha! This sounds like an okay book, probably not one I’d pick up but sounds inoffensive enough! Quinn sounds like a nightmare though haha!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you so much! The diagram took FOREVER and it was so confusing to make lmao, Quinn was a proper nightmare I’d never stay friends with someone like her 😬😬


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