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Hiyaaaa! So I’m actually not sure if people do these posts, but I thought it was a cute idea and a few people seemed into it, and if I’m not talking about books, I love talking about music, I’m literally always singing off-key and horribly, much to the dismay of my family…

So if you didn’t know, I am the worlds worst daydreamer, literally the second a song is on, I’m busy making my own montage of events that the song works with in my head, so I never listen to music if I’m studying or reading, and writing a blog post often takes me a while, but I’m okay with writing up a post and listening to music, it’s okay to start dancing every few sentences, right?

I’m very big on playlists, so I thought I’d divide this post up into moods etc in case there was a certain something you want to listen to, so lets get started!


I’ve been LIVING for my chill music recently, but the daydreaming is probably the worst with chill music because they have the most amount of story to them, but here are some of my favourite chill songs:

  • Literally anything by Lauv, he is one of my favourite singers in the universe and I love him and all of his songs so much, his newest song is called Superhero, and I HAVE LISTENED TO NOTHING BUT THIS SONG SINCE IT CAME OUT I’M LISTENING TO IT RIGHT NOW IT’S PERFECT
  •  I’ve mentioned this song so much since it came out, but goodnight n go by Ariana Grande is also uh-mazing and I’ve been listening to it a lot while writing blog posts
  • And then we have another favourite, Bazzi, my favoutite song from him at the moment is Alone, which i relate to because, well, I’m always alone… haha… ha
  • okay, I know I’m trash for listening to him, but don’t come at me please, but All Mine by Kanye is constantly playing at the moment… sorry


So besides from, 90s R&B, 2000s pop and Disney, other sing-along faves are:

  • Anything by My Chemical Romance
  • Fall Out Boy
  • Panic!

Basically all the emo bands lol, I like listening to this type of music when I’m doing a more fun post that may not require as much of my full attention like a tag or something


Okay, this is the funnest (it’s a word fite me) playlist in my opinion, full of all my really basic girl music that you’ve probably heard waaaaay too many times and also some good old 2014 pop, because literally all of those songs have such good memories attached to them for me, here are a few stand-outs:

  • The best pop song in this playlist are: Trumpets, Love me Like you Do, Treasure and The Man
  • ALSO MY FAVOURITE BOYS, BTS (don’t worry, I’ve never ever commented ‘any ARMY’s here?’ so you don’t need to hate me
  • And then there are a load of rap(ish) songs: anything and everything by Drake, Purple Lamborghini, Cardi B’s last two albums and every other basic song you can think of, really. This is the only rap I can stand, most rappers now are literally just making up words and shouting, and I’m literally a teenage granny, so I’m not about that.

This is probably the playlist I listen to least, and only if I’m not in the mood for the first two playlists, really


And that is all for my favourite blog writing songs at the moment! Sometimes, if I’m writing a post I’ll watch a movie or TV show or catch up on YouTube videos, I put my studies before pretty much everything, so all of this happens at the end of the day where I have time to write my posts, read and respond to all your lovely comments ❤ Thank you so much for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it! In the comments, let me know some of your favourite songs at the moment and, if you are a blogger, so you multitask or do anything else whilst blogging? I’d love to know! Thanks againn for reading and I will talk to all of you in my next post ❤

ALSO P.S. if you want a link to my Spotify so you can see all my playlists in full, let me know in the comments ❤


If you enjoyed this post, you can add it to your Pinterest board, if not, it’s all good, I just really like making these Pinterest photos lol

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22 thoughts on “My Blog Writing playlist…

  1. Oooo I listen to music ALL THE TIME. I can’t not – mainly cause I struggle working in silence. Like I’m listening to music right now hehe, but I usually listen to RoadTrip covers or their original songs when doing blog related stuff, though I’ve now created a blogging mix, of songs to listen to when blogging. Just to have an alternative to listen to hehe. ❤


  2. yes love this blog writing playlist! ariana, bazzi and cardi b!!! also if you don’t mind i’m a new blogger and i would be so grateful if you could check out my blog. thanks x


  3. I love listening to music when I am blogging–it really gets me in the mood you know? I listen to a wide range of genres, but when I am blogging I mostly listen to cutesy pop songs or Taylor Swift’s old songs from her Fearless/Speak Now/Red era.


  4. Great post! I usually write in silence, but when I do some other work like formating, then it’s usually Paramore my choice of music.
    I also like to listen The Kooks and The 1975 lately, bc they have new singles.


  5. I really need to make a playlist for when I’m writing, I’ve never even thought of doing that. I have such a particular taste in music that I wouldn’t even know what songs to put on it.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Oooo thanks for all the lovely songs…listening to superhero right and it’s love. Just what I needed to get through finishing up a review I’ve been trying to write. Have you heard For Now by Kina Grannis? It’s great chill music 🙂 You have a great blog!


  7. I LOVE LISTENING TO MUSIC TOO. I also love Panic! but my playlist usually consists of 1000 shawn mendes songs and about 1568749 ed sheeran and taylor swift songs

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I don’t usually listen to music while I blog as I tend to get sooo distracted by it. I can’t stop myself from singing along, which no one needs to hear haha. I do like Sweetener though, that is quite a chill album to listen to when you’re doing something else.
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety


    1. Honestly the reason my blog posts take so long is because I listen to music while I write them, but with all the things I have to get done in the day, it’s the only time I have a chance to listen to music 😂


  9. Thank you for sharing, my favourite song at the moment would be Girl Like You from Maroon 5 and Cardi B and Apesh*t from The Carters. You can also check my playlist of gold oldies on my blog. Cheers🤗


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