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Monthly Wrap Up- August 2018

Hello and welcome to my first monthly wrap up, this month was pretty great considering I started my blog (!!) which I’ve been waiting to do for the longest time and I’m so glad I finally took the plunge thank you to everyone who made this experience so amazing for me ❤ Without further ado, lets get into what I managed this month and some favourite things…


As some of you may know, I actually went on holiday this month, and I had a whole bunch of books I wanted to read while I was away, I didn’t even pack all the books I planned to read and I read one of them…oops, I’m not very good at sticking to a set TBR though, if you’d like to see the haul of books I purchased for summer you can check it out here ❤️

  • I started my second Harry Potter re-read and got through books 1-5 which were obviously all five star reads
  • Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick was my first new read of the month and I gave it three stars, I reviewed this over on Goodreads and may upload one over here, but you can check it out here
  • The next new book I read was an ARC: Tale of a Dragon Princess by Lizzie Colt, and technically, I didn’t read this, I gave up at 30% because it was crap
  • I also read an ARC for Unwritten by Tara Gilboy, which was surprisingly, really good and earned a four star rating, you can check out my full review for it here
  • I’ve also been trying to read Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater for ages but I just can’t seem to get through it soooo, that’s a thing
  • And then I read To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before because the movie wasn’t enough (5 stars, obvs)
  • I FINALLY DID IT, after years of wanting to, I read a Morgan Matson book, I read her newest release, Save the Date this book was amazing and funny and cute as hell and made me wish I had more siblings, an easy 5 stars and I am ordering all of Morgan’s other books
  • Also hi I completely forgot to say I’m currently reading All These Beautiful Strangers, I’m only just starting the book but I’m loving it so far

Just a heads up, I don’t plan what I’m going to read next, I just kind of go with it, that’s why you wont find a TBR section in these posts ❤


Okay, so I know this is a book blog where I talk about bookish things, but I thought it’d be nice to add in a little section just talking about things I’ve been enjoying recently because it adds a bit of a personal touch and I love hearing about stuff like this sooo yeah 🙂

  • Music this month has been pretty damn good, as you probably know, Ariana Grande released her new album Sweetener (I used to be a huuuge, crazy Ariana fan, I’m far more casual now) and although (in my opinion) this is her worst album to date (i have usually loved every song on her albums except one or two that I just like, this album included quite a few songs that I pretty much hated, therefore making it my worst experiences with any of her albums), I have some favourite songs: Sweetener, goodnight n go and everytime. My main favourite this month, however is I like me better by Lauv, I loved this song when it was first released and Lauv is one of my favourite singers and I’m so happy because this song was used in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and its finally getting some recognition, if you haven’t already, listen to it here. ALSO HAVE YOU LISTENED TO IDOL BY MY BOYS BTS,,, I CANT WAIT TO HEAR THIS LIVE IN OCTOBER IM STILL SHOOK AT TAES HAIR AND JUNGKOOK FULL ON TWERKING okay I’ll stop.
  • My favourite movie this month has obviously been To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, I adored it and have already watched it waaaaay too many times


  • Palina form Caffeinated Reads did the Three Bookish Things Tag which I LOVED, you can check it out here
  • Bookdragonism did the Bookish This or That Tag (which I would NEVER be able to do because I’m the most indecisive person) which I really enjoyed, check it out here
  • And also, Mina from My Fangirl Chronicles did an event recap of when she went to see one of my favourite bands: Counterfeit and I’m super jealous, you can see the post here!
  • With the release of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before came many posts about it, my favourite one, though was from Aimee who talked about her fav 14 scenes and made me swoon all over again (and she also includes a BEAUTIFUL wallpaper which I adore) check out her post here


Thank you so much for reading my Wrap Up, I’m sorry if it’s a complete mess, this is my first time doing one so hopefully I’ll get a bit better soon… how was your month? What did you read and what were some of your other favourites? Let me know in the comments! Thanks again for reading and I’ll talk to you in my next post ❤

If you enjoyed this post (which I’m sure you did, add it to your Pinterest ❤ )

also before you go, I just want to than every single person who has checked out my blog, shared my links, added me to their wrap ups and supported me, I’ve wanted to do this for so long and this entire community has made it so lovely for me and I appreciate it so much, thank you all *hugs and cookies and whatever other baked goods you like*

32 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap Up- August 2018

  1. It was interesting to read your wrap up.

    I guess I should give book 4 of Harry Potter another chance but I’m not so sure I can do it 😀 Hush Hush is one of those books teenage me absolutely loved, so I wanna reread them to find out if I still like them. I have read Shiver but I don’t really have motivation to read the final book of it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thank you!!
      Definitely try book 4 it’s honestly my favourite and the last 100 pages of that book are literally pure excellence. I think I enjoyed Hush Hush as a really trashy teenage read tbh and I read it really quickly, I think they’re making a movie for it soon as well. I’m finding it so hard to get through Shiver I might just put it on hold for a while I don’t understand how there are three books on this story lol hopefully it picks up 😂😂 thanks for reading xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Definitely read it it was the cutest thing and it genuinely made me laugh out loud which is extremely rare!! I’m doing a book order later today so alllll her books are going to be ordered 😊😊 thank you sm for reading xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Looks like you had a great month! I have yet to watch To All The Boys I Have Loved Before, because I haven’t read the book yet (hopefully I’ll get my copy next week) but I am really looking forward to it. I loved Hush Hush when I first read it, but I was really young and impressionable then so I probably won’t like it now hahaha.

    This is a really great wrap up! I am so glad to have found your blog through the Discord server. I totally agree: this community is wonderful and incredibly supportive. Here’s my wrap up of the month: https://thekeysmashblog.wordpress.com/2018/08/31/monthly-wrap-up-august-at-a-glance/


    1. I feel like I barely did anything but when I look at it I’ve done a decent amount. The book and movie are both so good I hope you enjoy them! I really wanted something trashy and quick to read, it was super cheap so I thought I might aswell get it even though it’s never been on my TBR but it was decent lol
      Thank you so much 😊 I’m literally overwhelmed by this community and the support and love 💗 I’ll check out your wrap up now!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It is a trashy and quick to read book hehehehe I remember feeling a bit weirded out by Patch’s stalker behavior though. The plot twist is the reason why I trust my creepy dude radar.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Your blog is just so beautiful! I’m envious! 🙂 I don’t really have a monthly TBR either coz I’m such a mood reader haha But I do have a TBR stack which I’ll stare at it till one calls out to me LOL

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I don’t plan what I am reading either, but on my weekly posts I put some of the books I’ve added to my TBR that week. Especially, the ones I am most excited about.


    1. I think i can safely say I’m a mood reader, sometimes I’ll just feel like reading a certain book that I haven’t even looked at in ages but all of I sudden I’m desperate to read it. I honestly didn’t feel like I got much done this month but now I look at it I actually got a fair amount done! Thanks for reading ❤


    Also I keep wanting to pick up Shiver as well because of course Maggie Stiefvater but all I’ve heard about the series has mostly just been that it’s kinda creepy in a stalkerish way? I want to give it a go but I feel like I’m not going to end up really enjoying it either.

    Liked by 1 person

      Honestly Shiver is just weird, the storyline makes no sense to me whatsoever and it’s all a bit cringe, I hope The Raven Cycle isn’t like this because I’m feeling super put off at the moment, if you do get around to reading it, I’d love to know what you think, though ❤
      also YOU'RE WELCOME, I genuinely really love your blog and the aesthetic of it it all looks so pretty ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Great post! You got through quite a few books! I actually only managed one book last month, I’ve been reading really slowly lately. But luckily I really enjoyed it! I still need to watch TAtBILB! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!! I didn’t get as much as I wanted to read done this month much something is better than nothing, one book you really liked is better than loads of average ones tbh and omg you neeeed to watch it it’s the cuuutest ❤️


  7. I’ve still not seen To All The Boys I Loved Before cause I think I want to read the book first. I’ve heard such amazing things about it though so I can’t wait! Sounds like you’ve got a lot of favourites this month – I actually really like Sweetener though haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think the movie is actually a bit better than the book in some bits, but both are amazing tbh. The songs I liked in Sweetener were really good but most of the song Pharrell did really aren’t my thing


  8. Thank you so much for featuring my post here! I actually remember reading this post before but apparently my comment wasn’t published??? I JUST CAN’T WITH THIS CRAPPY INTERNET CONNECTION.

    Anyway, great first wrap-up! Looking forward to more

    Liked by 1 person

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