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25 Bookish Facts About Me…

I love hearing about how different people read and their opinions and preferences, and I’m pretty sure I have some odd habits, so I thought I’d tell you about them here!

  1. I don’t eat while I’m reading, I will only ever drink tea or, if I’m feeling artsy, iced coffee (homemade, like I’m about to spend £4 in Starbucks on something I can make myself)
  2. I can’t listen to music if I’m reading at home, but if I’m at school and reading in the morning, I will, I don’t know why but if I listen to music at home while reading, I can’t concentrate, but at school I can listen to heavy metal rock while my favourite character is dying.                                                                                                                          Image result for listening to music gif
  3. I can’t decide on whether I prefer paperback or hardback, most people have a clear preference but not me apparently
  4. I can’t write in my books
  5. Nor can I fold the pages
  6. I’m extremely fussy about all my books being in perfect condition, if there is the smallest imperfection, the book will be returned and I’ll buy a better copy
  7. I typically don’t buy books second hand, unless I’m collecting a certain edition that may be out of print, because I don’t know where they’ve been and it creeps me out
  8. I will only ever lend a book to one particular friend because I know she’ll look after it, if anyone else asks, noooope. Once, I lent a book to someone and she managed to fold the paper on the spine of the book upwards?? hOW DO YOU DO THAT?                                                                                          Image result for i hate you gif(actually me when she gave the book back)
  9. I don’t see anything wrong with e-books, they can be super cheap and I’ll usually get books I’m not too desperate to have physically on my Kindle because of how easy and affordable it is
  10. I’m usually reading one physical book and one e-book at a time
  11. I think ‘modern poetry’ is probably one of the worst excuses for literature since the YouTubers started writing books                                                                                               Image result for youtuber books
  12. Hear me out on this one, I don’t actively seek out ‘diverse’ books, I read books because I love the sound of them, if they’re diverse, great, but I won’t add a book to my TBR just because it’s diverse when there are books I want to buy because I love the sound of them (this is coming from an Asian, I obviously would love some more representation, but I want it to just be in a normal way and to be put into a book without making a big deal, I think when a huuuuge deal is made out of the fact that a book is diverse, it stops diversity being normal, if that makes sense)
  13. I love classics and Shakespeare, but only when I’m studying them at school and analysing the writing, I don’t like just normally reading them.
  14. I will happily skim through sections, not always, but on rare occasions where there is too much boring description and I just want to get the book over with, I will             Image result for skimming book gif
  15. I’m the worst daydreamer in the world, so if nobody can see me while I’m reading, I’ll probably just start daydreaming and forget that I was reading a book                      Image result for daydreaming gif
  16. Short chapters are better than long chapters, they’ll make me read a book quicker because the ‘one more chapter’ is only like 5 pages so I’ll do it again and again and again until I’ve finished the book
  17. I love reading negative reviews of books I don’t like because I’m just that spiteful.
  18. I will 100% judge a book by its cover, I’m not even ashamed, but I won’t not buy a book because I don’t like it’s cover, I’ll either buy it on my Kindle or seek out a different edition
  19. I started reading YA when i was 8 or 9
  20. I often read books in a day or two (some people think this is mad, it’s just normal for me)
  21. I wish I was an author, it is my biggest ever dream to be able to say I write for a living
  22. I am pretty good at guessing book endings, and I hate myself for it because ‘plot twists’ are never as fun
  23. I really like writing negative reviews for books I didn’t like, it’s so fun for me because I’m a big ranter
  24. I mostly buy books online, but I’ll go to a bookshop to find the books and then sit and order them, if I do buy books they’re from Waterstones (my favourite is the one in Piccadilly Circus)
  25. A BOOK HAS NEVER EVER MANAGED TO MAKE MY COLD SOUL CRY, the only time I’m ever close is the last 100 or so pages of The Goblet of Fire


Thank you so much for reading, I hope you don’t hate me!! Do you share some of these things? do you have any strange reading habits? Let me know in the comments! Until next time<3



22 thoughts on “25 Bookish Facts About Me…

  1. I’m the same way with being fussy over my books. I try to keep them perfect and don’t like to lend them out because they’ve come back damaged too many times 🤦🏻‍♀️ this was a great post, I really enjoyed it 😊


    1. Hi hun, sorry it took so long to get back to you, I’m not being notified of random comments for some reason. Some people say they like their books to look Loved so they don’t care if they damage it but I think books are more loved if they’re taken care of tbh, thank you so much for reading and I’m glad you enjoyed xxx

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  2. I am also a person who judge a book by its cover!! If the cover doesn’t attract me, I won’t buy it even though people say it’s a good book. I’m just that picky. 💀

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    1. Yes!! I feel like if a lot of effort went into making a beautiful book cover, the book is more loved and more worth my attention🤷🏻‍♀️ thank you for reading xx

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  3. How is it possible to have dry eyes when Dumbledore dies???

    Wait, have you never read a book with a dog in it where the dog dies? I lose it every time. I even check before reading whether the dog dies so that I can be prepared.


  4. So I’m flicking between writing my comment and reading this post cause OMG so much to discuss! So I listen to music usually when I read, definitely whilst I write or doing anything blog related. It occupies that part of my brain which would otherwise get distracted.

    I also don’t eat whilst reading, unless it’s a library book then I may break that rule usually I don’t. I just drink tea like you hehe not a fan of coffee though iced or not xD NUMBER 6! Can I just…*breathes deeply* I AM SO FUSSY ITS UNREAL I THOUGHT I WAS ALONE IN THIS I don’t return books if they’re not perfect, cause I will thoroughly check them if I got them at the shop. It’s why I’m a but iffy on buying books online, cause I like checking them for marks, imperfections haha.

    YouTubers writing books also…I’ve read Dan and Phil’s cause it’s like an autobiography it was fun. But like the others who’ve gone and written an actual book, like Zoe I just. I have mixed feelings cause there are so many other people who that’s been their dream for so long, to be an author say like me for instance. And I’ve possibly been writing longer than some of them (7 years of writing already) but they’ve got a book published and contract cause of their following and platform. BUT also I guess it could be a way to introduce people into reading, mostly though…I’m not a huge fan for them writing books.

    Yasss reading negative reviews of books I didn’t like, it’s great cause like…we can share our rage together and see we’re not alone in hating the book. I also can read a book in a day or two if it’s really hooked me in haha, and I started reading YA…well…I don’t actually know. Maybe 9 or 10. I know I was definitely reading it at 11 cause I was in my huge vampire phase, and paranormal is my favourite genre so yeah.

    Oof this was a long comment whoopsies, anyway loved this! ❤


    1. The music is waaaaay to distracting for me is just end up singing along to High School Musical, honestly I’m the clumsiest person when I’m near things I don’t want to damage there is noooo point me even trying to eat, I mostly order online because it’s more affordable but most of the time they need to be swapped for a better copy, luckily Amazon is really good with returns and exchanges so I don’t mind. The only YouTubed book I am okay with is Dan and Phil I think it’s so unfair that they get published with zero passion for book when others are trying so hard and getting nowhere 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ all I remember from when I was reading when I was younger is hiding books from my mum because I thought she’d see ‘rude’ parts and take my book away because I was too young😂
      And don’t worry I love long comments thank you so much for reading and I’m glad you enjoyed ❤️❤️

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  5. I don’t actively seek out diverse books either, and I understand completely what you are saying! You would hate me because I am awful with my books and even if I try I can’t keep them in pristine condition so most of the time I don’t even try. And I agree there is nothing wrong with Ebooks! (and I can’t mess them up 😉 )

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    1. Thank God I thought I’d be slaughtered for that one 😅😅 the only books of mine that aren’t in perfect condition are my old Harry Potter books I completely get why some people don’t bother with keeping books pristine it’s just the way I like them tbh thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed ❤️

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