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Get to know me! 25 random facts…

Hiiii everyone, as some of you may know, I’m really unhappy with my last two posts and how they turned out, I thought I’d do an extra post today that isn’t actually bookish, but more of a get-to-know-me-better, I thought it’d be nice to do a bit more of a personal post and I’m also pretty weird so this could be kind of funny, without further ado, lets get started<3

  1. If I go to a restaurant I will NEVER EVER order something other than chicken nuggets and chips off of the children’s menu, if the restaurant doesn’t have this, I’m not eating.
  2. Coffee makes me soooo tired, I’ll sometimes have a massive mug of black coffee before bed to help me sleep.
  3. Every time I’ve broken a bone, it has been because I was running… I’m not much into physical activity.
  4. I am the world’s biggest teacher’s pet, I take it as a personal offence if a teacher doesn’t put my name on the ‘good’ section of the whiteboard.
  5. I am allergic to literally everything, my friends like to do this thing where they’ll call out random foods and find out how I’m allergic to them.
  6. I am also the worlds fussiest eater, name a food, I have my own, fussy version of it.
  7. I’m a neat freak, if something is messy, it gives me anxiety.
  8. I used to be a HUUUUGE Ariana Grande fangirl and it was so cringe
  9. My music taste is so weird, it goes from My Chemical Romance to High School Musical to Cardi B
  10. I used to make Video Stars, which is basically where you make over-edited music videos and lip sync to songs, and it was A W F U L
  11. I am always cold, I will sleep with a duvet in the hottest of days and I don’t care if I suffocate
  12. I hate summer, my entire year is waiting for Christmas, celebrating Christmas and waiting for Christmas again
  13. The first movie I ever saw in the cinema was High School Musical
  14. I was so quiet in my first year of high school that nobody knew who i was and teachers sometimes referred to me as ‘that girl with the really long hair’
  15. I get such bad social anxiety that I can’t answer a phone, ask a shop assistant for help or walk across a room with people in it, even if they’re my family. Once I did a spoken thing for English and my leg shook so much that I tripped while I was standing still and then I was shaking for like an hour afterwards
  16. I used to dress like Hermione Granger at school and I was always ‘The Harry Potter Girl’
  17. I’m the biggest daydreamer, I can literally loose hours daydreaming and not even notice it
  18. McDonalds hashbrowns are my favourite food in the world
  19. I always wear socks, A L W A Y S
  20. I literally hate talking to people, even at school, I just wanna sit by myself
  21. One of my mum’s friends worked at my old school and she used to give my mum calls saying ‘she was sitting alone reading her book again’ and if that isn’t sad idk what is
  22. For my old school’s summer fete, I did a stall selling loom band things and we made £120 and I thought I was such a baller
  23. I literally love doing schoolwork and its so sad
  24. I used to be part of that one group of friends that were always singing really badly and loud as hell
  25. When I had my first operation, I screamed so loud when they were trying to put me to sleep that MY TOOTH FELL OUT


So there was this one time where I was practising how to do somersaults on our sofa, and then my sister sat on it, so I was like ‘yo, move’ and she was like ‘nah’ so I was like ‘fine, I’ll just somersault onto you’ and then she was like ‘you don’t have the balls’, so I did it. I got in a crap ton of trouble and my whole explanation was ‘she asked me to, though’


Thank you so much for reading<3 I’m so sorry about my previous two posts (mostly the BatB one) I’m just not v happy with them and I don’t like them being up so I though I’d do this much more chilled post to make up for them, what are some random facts about you? Let me know in the comments! Thank you all again for reading and I’ll talk to you next time !!


6 thoughts on “Get to know me! 25 random facts…

  1. It was so nice getting to know more about you!! I completely feel you on the whole loving organization and school bit. All my friends make fun of me for being excited to go back to school but making notes and studying is literally all I live for.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awh thank you so much ❤️❤️ yes!! I adore making all my notes and I’m soooo extra with them and I always take aggggess making them look al pretty, I’m glad someone agrees 😂💖

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Omg I remember loom bands! Everyone was so obsessed with them (including me tbh) and yay another HSM fan!! This was such a lovely post xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yessss!! I literally spent all my time making them and watching tutorials lol
      Thank you so much for reading and I’m glad you enjoyed ❤️❤️


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