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Hey! So, I’ve been watching booktube and reading book blogs for THE longest time, and one of my favourite tags to watch/read is the Unpopular Opinions Book Tag, so, why wait? I thought I’d have a go at doing this tag, please remember, these opinions are my own and they’re not meant to offend or upset anyone, and also, if you’d like to discuss any of my opinions, please make yourself heard in the comments šŸ™‚

A popular book series you didn’t likeĀ 

So, for this one I think I have to sayĀ The Mortal InstrumentsĀ by the beloved Cassandra Clare. I remember when I first read this series IĀ adoredĀ it and I was completely in love with Jace, however, I have two big issues with this series; the first of which being the fact that even though Clary and Jace were under the assumption that they were brother and sister, they were still both pining for each other and seemed like they’d be completely down for incest, which, to me is revolting. And my second issue was Clary, she was just so annoying to me and she acted like she knew everything about the Shadowhunter world when she’d only been in it for like 10 minutes… I am confusion

A popular book series that everyone seems to hate but you love

This question was really easy for me, I pickedĀ The SelectionĀ by Kiera Cass, I loved this series so much, I thought it was so cute and it was just dystopian enough, I flew through these books and went through so many emotions whilst reading them because I was just so invested (there were angry tears at one point). Everyone says they hate this series because they hate America, but I didn’t see too much wrong with her and I also thought she was super realistic. (Also, MAXON)

A love triangle where the main character ended up with the person that you did NOT want them to end up with or an OTP that you don’t like

SPOILERS FOR THE HUNGER GAMES, I feel like this is really unpopular because in all the tags I’ve watched I’ve never seen it come up, but I REALLY wanted Katniss to end up with Gale, I din’t hate Peeta or even dislike him, but if I had a choice I’m Team Gale 100%. As for an OTP I don’t like (ToG spoilers) I will always say I hate the Rowaelin OTP and also Manorian, I have so much to say about these but I won’t bore you with it now.

A popular book genre you hardly reach for

I barely ever reach for non-fiction (idk if that counts) unless I’m looking up something to do with paranormal or creepy real-life stories. I don’t ever choose books by genre, if the synopsis intrigues me, I’m in.

A popular or beloved character that you don’t like


Enough said, I’ll probably do a full post on this another time.

A popular author that you can’t seem to get into

For whatever reason, I found this one really hard because even though I don’t particularly like certain authors, I can still ‘get into’ them if that makes sense. But with that said I really don’t think Sarah J Maas is all that, in my opinion, her writing is repetitive and her books are all copies of each other, which I don’t think shows much talent.

A popular book trope you are tired of reading

I actually don’t mind tropes that much, but if I had to pick it would probably be the ‘bad-ass’ woman, who isn’t actually bad-ass and is, quite frankly, a complete bitch, but everyone worships her anyway. I’m also not the biggest fan of insta-love as not many authors know how to get it right, in the cases of these authors, I think they’d do better writing a slow love story where readers are waiting and waiting for their ship to go cannon

A popular series you have no interest in reading

I have no reason to ever want to readĀ Children of Blood and BoneĀ just because it never intrigued me and I find nothing about it interesting, but, who knows? Never say never

The saying goes “The book is always better than the movie”, but what movie or TV show adaptation do you prefer more than the book?

For this, I chose theĀ Maze RunnerĀ series, I never really loved the books and I found the writing was just a bit weird for me, I think the movies, however, were amazing and watching them was definitely a more enjoyable experience than reading them.


Thank you for reading my Unpopular Opinions, I hope you don’t hate me, do you agree with me, so you have any of your own unpopular opinions? Leave a comment and let me know, until next time!


4 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinions Book Tag

  1. Hey Shishtar itā€™s your Shishtar Monicaaaa, I am VERY proud of you, this website is so cool, carry on, and you have already made a start on getting me into reading (i ordered the Lord of The Rings series holy crap wish me luck), LOVE YOU!


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